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The Watchmen on the Wall Seminar is a one-and-a-half-day training program designed to fit into your schedule. We bring our highly-qualified instructors and an Eagles' Wings worship leader to your location for a packed time of teaching, worship, and intercession. The seminar is a powerful opportunity to become educated and activated on behalf of Israel, and is taught in correlation with our highly acclaimed training manual and curriculum. The seminar covers a broad range of topics, including...
  1. Seven Reasons to Stand With & Pray For Israel
  2. God's Everlasting Covenant - From Abraham to Today
  3. Media Myths & Misconceptions
  4. Crying Out for Ishmael - Praying for the Arab World
  5. Islam and Islamic Ways
  6. You are a New Testament Watchman

Watchmen on the Wall Instructors 
doughershey.jpgDoug Hershey is a published author and co-director of the Ebed Network, based in Southern Maine. Doug has traveled extensively throughout the world, including Israel. Doug teaches the foundations of the New Covenant from a Hebrew perspective, ignites a hunger for the Scriptures and encourages personal encounters with Jesus the Messiah and His Spirit dwelling in us.

michaelonifer.jpgMichael Onifer joined Eagles' Wings after studying at the Hebrew University's Rothberg International School in Jerusalem. He directs the Israel Experience College Scholarship and serves as the Associate Director of Eagles' Wings Israel Department. Michael has traveled to Israel over 20 times and leads groups in Israel on a regular basis.  Through the Israel Experience and the Watchmen on the Wall program Michael is cultivating educated, relevant, and successful support for Israel.   

Host a Watchmen Seminar

If you are interested in hosting a Watchmen on the Wall seminar in your region, please click here to contact us. Together, we will set a date for the seminar that works for your schedule, and then we will assist you with all the elements of hosting a Watchmen on the Wall seminar.
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